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[15 Jun 2006|08:27pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

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I promise i haven't forgotten about this journal... does anyone even read it anyway???
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[11 Aug 2005|10:11pm]

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[11 Aug 2005|09:56pm]
[ mood | lethargic ]

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I'm really for REAL going to update.. tomorrow maybe :-)
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what a boring day.... [29 Jul 2005|05:46pm]
[ mood | bored ]

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Ok, so I don't really have anything to post about. I adopted a new kitty from The Stray Connection,. His name is Domino and I love him :-)

I've only had one kid to babysit today and he's been out of the house all day long. What a boring day.

More later perhaps... one month til school... lord help me.

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Now that's interesting.....hummm
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I feel so alone.. [23 Jun 2005|10:02am]
[ mood | lonely ]

Tuesday night Maggie suddenly got worse. She began crying out and panting (like a dog pants when it's hot) from the pain. I stayed up all night with her, crying and holding her to help soothe her. I was able to pet her and help her sleep. She slept on my chest which is something she hasn't done in a while. It was oh so bittersweet. I knew she going to see heaven soon, but it meant the world to be for us to be able to lay together like we use to.

Yesterday morning was very rough. Maggie was very quiet, and her breathing would go from labored to normal. Every now and then she would cry, and I would have to rub her and tell her that it's going to be ok. It's so hard seeing your best friend laying there, hurting, and feeling so helpless. Jon came over and stayed a little while, but he had to go to summer school. He left, and gave Maggie his ring to hold. When he left, I layed down beside her, and looked into her eyes, and kept reminding her how much I loved her.

It wasn't too long after Jon left that Maggie got worse, and I knew I was about to lose her. I layed her in my lap and just tried to be strong for her because I didn't want her last few minutes on earth to be spent with me crying. She went to heaven at 9:50 yesterday morning. Bless her little heart she was so scared. I have to admit I was too.

I miss my baby so much. She was the joy of my life. It's so hard being here without her. I did so many things with her, and now I find myself all alone. My brother's cat Abbie is lonely too. She stayed with Maggie for most of the night also. Everytime Maggie would cry, Abbie would run to her and make sure that she was ok. Abbie layed beside Maggie for a long time, and she had these huge tears in her eyes. She kept looking up above Maggie like she was seeing something. I think she saw the Angels around Maggie. At one point Abbie stretched her paw out and touched Maggie. I know that Abbie is feeling lonely too, and she and I are trying to comfort each other.

I pretty much cried all day yesterday. I would be fine, and then something would remind me of Maggie, and I'd lose it. At one point I thought I saw her walking into the kitchen, and when I was getting into the shower I heard her meow for me. Some people may think I'm crazy for being to emotional over my kitty, but I'm not crazy, I just loved my cat so much. My mom said that Maggie was more like a person then a cat. Honestly, she was. She had a morning routine, just like me. Everytime I ate something, I had to share it with her. She loved sour cream, shredded cheese, chicken, peppridge farm goldfish (I would bite their heads off and give her the tails), and the nacho cheese from Taco Bell. She slept every night beside me, under the covers with her head on a pillow. She'd purr to me until I fell asleep. Sometimes she'd get up in the middle of the night to get water or food, and then she would come back to bed. She'd take her little paw and pat my face to wake me up so that I would put her back under the covers with me.

I miss my little Mags, but I know that she doesn't hurt anymore. I know that she's young, happy, and healthy in heaven. I promised her that we'd be together again someday, and that I would never, ever forget her.

I think that I'm going to help support a kitty in one of the local shelters. I would help pay for his/her expenses until the shelter finds a home for it. I'm not ready to have another cat, but I know that Maggie would want me to help other cats that need homes.

June is adopt a homeless kitty month. I hope that there is a little girl out there that is adopting a cat today, and I hope that cat brings her as much joy as Maggie brought to me. She's my angel....

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I know it's been a while... [20 Jun 2005|09:24pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

I don't know who reads this, but I hope that someone does.

My cat, Maggie, has a mammary tumor last year, which I had removed. When the vet was removing it, they realized that her uterus was abnormal and needed to be removed. It turns out that the mammary tumor was one kind of cancer, and that her abnormal uterus was another type of cancer. The vet assured me that she would be fine, and that the cancer was caught early enough that the chance of it reoccuring was so slim that we didn't need to worry.

Well, now it's a year later, and Maggie's cancer is back. She has a lump on her back, near her spine and another one that wraps completely around her left front shoulder. She was fine, but I took her to the vet to get checked out anyway. They did a blood test and an aspirate which is where they test cells from the bumps. Both are cancer.

It's now a little over a week since I took her to the vet, and now she's in so much pain that she can't stand or walk. I have to carry her to her food, water and litter box. She couldn't even stand in her litter box last night to use it. The vet has prescribed some pain medicine for her, which she began taking today. Now she has no appetite. Hopefully when she's done sleeping I can get her to eat. This medicine makes her very droopy and dazed. I hate seeing her so droppy, but I'm hoping that at least she isn't in pain.

So now I find myself sitting, watching her, crying my eyes out. I'm a bundle of nerves. I feel like her being sick is my fault because I always refused to have her spayed.

If anyone reads this and you have a pet, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do your pet and yourself a favor, and have your animal spayed or neutered. Bob Barker is a smart man. You'll help add healthy years to your animal's life, and you'll spare youself from the heartache I'm going through.

Please pray for my Maggie.. I don't know what I'm going to do.. I feel so lost.. she is like my child, my best friend, and my pet. We do so much together; like in the mornings we use to curl up together and watch Regis and Kelly. Now I can't curl up with her in my arms because it hurts her.. so now she must lay beside me on a fleece blanket to watch. She can't sleep in my bed with me at night anymore because it hurts her to try to get out of my bed. That's what hurts the most. She's slept beside me for the past 10 years.

I'm sure you don't understand. Or, maybe you have a pet that is as close to you as my Maggie. Enjoy your time with them.. you never know when something is going to suddenly happen, and your time is cut short with them. Tell them every day that you love them, hug them, kiss them, spoil them with treats.

Pray for us.. for my cat, myself, and Jonathan.. He loves my Maggie too, and he's having to deal with my emotions and his... just pray for us.

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so bored.. [02 Jun 2005|05:53pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Well, today has been very very boring. I've only had to babysit 2 of my 4 kids. Amazingly they behaved. My brother came over and hung out with me while I babysat. We watched "Are we there yet?". It was a cute movie. We also went to Steak N Shake and saw Cheesepuff. He gave us free drinks. I enjoyed my Chili Mac Supreme. My breath doesn't smell so good though.. oh well!

Yesterday I took all of my kids to watch "Madagascar". It was such a cute movie. I loved it :-) Taylor D spilt the entire bag of popcorn. That started a crisis. But, I solved it and we were able to sit in peace, except for the kid behind me who kept kicking my chair, and enjoy the movie.

This weekend I am going to NC to visit my family. That should be fun. A nice break from Knoxville. I get to see my godchild, Becca Grace. I haven't seen her since she was born. I'm excited about finally getting to meet her. I bet she's absolutely gorgeous!

My dad got a new truck. An 05 4Runner Sport to be exact. Woohoo!

Gotta run. More later :-)

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which Pirates of the Caribbean pirate are you??? [24 May 2005|03:24pm]

Which Pirates of the Caribbean character are you?
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19 years old [18 Mar 2005|08:05am]
[ mood | refreshed ]

Well, Yesterday was my birthday.. Nothing overely exciting there. We went out and ate supper at Louis. It was good. Too much food though. I really wanted O'Charley's.. but they had an hour wait. I didn't get any cards in the mail though. Jon and his friend Matt both brought me cards. Jon's mom bought me a present, which was very exciting because it was the only present I got to open all day. It's funny how much your birthday changes from when you were younger.

I got lots of Birthday phone calls.. Jared Ray called me, and I haven't talked to him since Graduation. That really surprised me that he remembered my birthday and went to the trouble to find someone with my phone number.. My grandfather didn't call me. That really surprised me because he always calls and tells me Happy Birthday..

Jon bought me some sweetheart roses. They opened up this morning and are sooo pretty. I love coming home to pretty flowers.

My kids were weren't too wild yesterday (I babysit by the way). They all remembered my birthday and that made me feel good. Taylor D got mad at me because I made her clean up her mess. She's getting really lazy.

Today is my last day of spring break. It's gone by so fast and it didn't even feel like a break. I guess because I was in North Carolina for like 3 days. Oh well.. there's always next year..

8 more weeks of school.. lord help me.

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Lazy Sunday... [06 Feb 2005|11:11am]

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random quiz [12 Dec 2004|09:03am]
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So much to do...so little time [03 Nov 2004|09:25am]
[ mood | bored ]

Ok well, it's Wednesday and it's 9:25 am. That means I'm not in class. Yes, I went to class, but my teacher let us out early because we have a test on Friday. Don't you just love test on Fridays? Anyway.. Nothing new or exciting today.. or this week for that matter. I'm glad this election crap is almost over. I'm so sick of hearing about it..This whole waiting on Ohio to count the ballots for two weeks is crap. But who am I to judge?

I have a Spanish test on Monday.. I'm not really worried about it though. I'm acutally doing really well in spanish.

Halloween was fun.. I had 26 trick-or-treaters. I got stung by a wasp and now my arm has this huge red rash/bruise/bug bite looking thing and it's all swollen up. I've never been stung by a wasp before so this is new for me. I don't like it very much. Hopefully it'll be gone by this weekend.

I went to AE on saturday and bought me some new khaki pants. I like them :-) I saw this girl there who graduated from Halls High School.. I don't like her very much.. She's always trying to start crap with me, and she doesn't even know me.

Trevor comes home on Nov 19. He's excited. I promised to go eat Petros with him on the 20th. This week he's having to live in a hole out in a battle field or something like that. Doesn't sound fun to me... especially since the weather said that it's raining in Camp Lejeune..

more ramblings later...

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If only I had the life of a dog.. or maybe a cat.. humm [21 Oct 2004|04:22pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Sometimes I wish I could do what my dogs do.. just run around in the yard all day and play.. and not have a care in the world. They wait patiently everyday for my mail lady to come and throw them treats, and then their day is complete. They are always so happy when we come home..I love how excited they always are to see me, even if I just left the house to run to the store for a few minutes.

My cats have a easy life too.. they sleep on my bed in the sun everyday. Abbie's source of entertainment is hiding from me in the bathtub and meowing at me when I say "Oh no where's Abbie??".. Maggie just likes to be held and she likes to sleep in your lap. I wish I could have as much fun as they do.. They've got it so easy..

Which brings me to the entire point of the entry.. I have no life.. I go to school..I leave school.. I go to work.. I leave work.. I go home.. I do homework.. I go to bed.. I wake up.. I take a shower.. I go to school.. I'm a freakin' drone! Right now I just want school over. It's so stupid. I really feel like I'm wasting my time at school.. like I could be doing so much more with my life.. but then if you don't have a college degree/BA/BS/blah blah then you don't have a lot of options as to what you can do.. I don't feel like I'm learning anything at school. Is that normal???

I still need referrals for my FREE IPOD! So you need to go sign up.. yes.. do it now!

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more junk later...

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A day wasted... but well enjoyed.. [02 Oct 2004|09:04pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

So today... I DID NOTHING! Absolutely nothing. It was nice to not have anything to do for an entire day. Tomorrow, however, i have to go on this canoe/hike thing for mountain challenge. I kindda want to go.. but then I kindda don't want to go. Hopefully it'll be fun.

So I still need referrals for my Ipod. I want one sooo bad! I'm a little late gettin' in on the action.. but I'd love it immensely if someone would please sign up on it for me. All you gotta do is click the link in my previous post. Put in all your contact info. Then, on the questionaire thing, just keep clinking no until it brings you to the "Now complete one offer" .. then do the blockbuster one. All you do is sign up for the blockbuster at home thing (like Netflix), let them send you a movie.. watch it..send it back.. then cancel your account after your 2 week FREE trial is up.. SIMPLE AS THAT! then you get 5 people to do the same thing you did.. and YOU get a FREE ipod too! WAHOO! Now, go do it.. NOW!

I made "Nacho stuff" for supper.. yummy.

I just took this quiz.. interesting...

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I NEED IPOD REFERRALS! [30 Sep 2004|04:41pm]
[ mood | excited ]

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! I need some IPOD referrals.

Here's my link:


All you have to do is sign up for this, and then one online offer... like BMG music or ebay. Then.. get 5 people to fill out referrals for you and then YOU Get a free ipod. You get to choose from a 20 gb White Ipod, or a colored 4th generation Ipod. PRETTY SPIFFY!!!

So please.. someone... Fill this out for me!

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For once... I want to quit.. [28 Sep 2004|07:00pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Today wasn't a good day at school. I got my english paper back and I got a C+ on it which really pisses me off. My professor, who is a real strange bird, has a wacko way of grading. Actually the entire english department does. He tells me today that my thesis statement is too broad. However, he told me at the conferences that my thesis statement was good. I NEVER changed my thesis, so apparently the day he read my paper again he decided it sucked. I can't stand teachers like that. I'm so over maryville college. At first I thought I was really going to like going to school there, but as each day passes, I feel more and more out of place. I feel like I shouldn't be there. I don't want to go to UT, but then again I don't really want to go anywhere. I just don't know what I want to do. Maybe I should go to school for massage therapy.. that sounds good... lots of money in that. I could be like Phoebe on Friends.. I just don't think I could massage wrinkly old men that hit on me.. yikes..

Some guidance please.....

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2 weeks til school... [18 Aug 2004|10:00am]
[ mood | sick ]

Well, it's Wednesday. It's 2 weeks til I have to go to school. I'm really dreading it. I hate driving and I'm going to have to drive 30 minutes out there and back everyday. Maybe things will work out ok though.. keep your fingers crossed for me.

I just made some hummingbird food for my hummingbirds. I have about 8 of them that eat at my house. They swarm my front porch. It's a lot of fun to sit out there and watch them because they will come up and like get in your face.. it's kindda cool to be able to get that close to them.

My brother brought his new kitten over and it stayed almost a week with us. She doesn't have a name yet but she loves to play! She gets into everything. It was almost like having a baby in the house. She woke me up every morning at 6:40 wanting her breakfast. I'm really sad to see her go but at least now my cats will be socialable with us. They didn't like having that baby kitten here at all. I think they were jealous.

My friend Trevor who is in Marines Basic Training right now comes home in about 4 weeks. I think he's excited to get to come home. He writes me every now and then to let me know he's doing ok and to tell me what all is going on in Parris Island. He's going to be in training during his birthday, September 7th, but he graduates Sepetember 10th so I don't think he minds too much.

Nothing really exciting going on here. Today UT started back to school. Poor Krissie is so stressed out over it. She'll be ok though. I have faith.

To my only reader who keeps telling me to update - Thanks for giving me a little push.. sometimes I forget all about this journal. I just wish I knew who you were...

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"We're expecting about 50-60 people at the party" [02 Jul 2004|05:02pm]
[ mood | drained ]

My next door neighbors are having an all day party for the 4th, but they are having it on the 3rd. Yes, I said ALL DAY, and they are expecting 50-60 people there. They even had a port-a-potty put in. Now that is just a little too disgusting for me. I don't know where they think all of those cars are going to go.

Work blows now. I hate it. They've got me doing all of their "crap" work. I freakin' hate it. They told me I need to be more confident. How freakin' confident do you have to be to file patient charts that they pulled, they used, and that they then layed on the top of the filing cabinet as non-verbal communication for "file this back...NOW"? I even have to empty the trash cans now. Last time I checked, a chiropractic assistant DIDN'T empty trashcans.

I have a headache.. but what's new there?

Trevor is gone to Marines Bootcamp. He's wrote me and said he's not dead, so I don't guess I need to worry about him. Ally got a new puppy. It's a basset hound named Bo. Krissie got a puppy too, her's is a pomeranian, named Pebbles. I didn't get a puppy, but then again I have 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 goldfish, 2 african Cichlids and a Tiger Oscar. I don't really need another animal....

I'm eating Goldfish right now. They are good, but I like the flavor blasted xtra cheddar ones better.

Jon's going to buy fireworks today. woo-hoo

So, yeah, that's my week in a nutshell. I'm pretty lame..

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Where do people get ideas for these at?? [01 Jul 2004|07:29pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Hanson nake-o-meter! Which naked Hanson suits you the best?
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Apparently I'd like Naked Taylor best.. we're both Pisces. But that's about all we have in common.

More later... PROMISE!
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"All I know is what i'm missing..and what I'm missing are your kisses, Are you listening?" [30 Apr 2004|11:48pm]
[ mood | drained ]

Alright.. I really don't think anyone reads my journal anyways.. so I haven't been updating like I should. This new live journal site really trips me out.. I don't think my laptop likes it. Things at the top of the site all run together. Is that normal???

Anyway.. Prom is a week from Saturday (The date is May 8th).. I'm not super crazy over my dress.. but you know.. what can you do?? Too late to make changes now.

My kitty Maggie had surgery to remove a cyst on her tummy. It turned out to be a mammary (is that spelled right?) tumor.. and they had to spay her because her uterus was abnormal.. Turns out she had 2 types of cancer going on.. but, because we spayed her and got rid of the tumor the cancer didn't get in her blood stream so she's ok! She feels a lot better to.. she's not grumpy anymore.

My Doggie Eli got sick.. we found out he has severe arthritis in his spine.. and his heart is enlarged.. which could be from the pain of his arthritis.. he's taking arthritis medicine twice a day right now, and he goes back to the vet on Tuesday for more test..if his heart hasn't gotten a little bit back to normal, he has to go see a cardiologist.. A heart doctor for a dog.. I didn't know such a thing exsisted...However, Eli is doing much better now. He feels lots better and is up moving around.

If someone actually reads this.. would you mind posting a comment.. so I know I'm not rambling on for no reason..and it'll give me motivation to post more often..

On a side note.. I got the new Hanson Album "Underneath".. Let me just tell you... BUY IT!.. I am sooo in love with this album.. I am so impressed with it.. I wasn't really crazy over the Underneath Accoustic album.. but this studio album is Magnificant..

My favorite song on the album is.....

"Lost Without Each Other"

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